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Frequently Asked Questions

Are ‘Toon Tumblers® dishwasher safe?

All ‘Toon Tumblers® use state of the art materials featuring deep, vivid colors. There are, however, varying degrees of durability between items. All of our Looney Tunes™, Hanna-Barbera™, and Archie™ ‘Toon Tumblers® are dishwasher-safe. Our Marvel Comics and DC Comics ‘Toon Tumblers® can not be made using the same process and we recommend that these products be hand-washed only.

How are ‘Toon Tumblers® shipped?

We ship them in double- and triple-walled cardboard boxes. Our preferred method of shipping is FedEx Ground. On some occasions, such as addresses consisting of PO Boxes or rush weekend shipments, we use USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation.

Are ‘Toon Tumblers® made in the U.S. or overseas?

For a number of reasons, including safety, both the glassware and the decorations on ‘Toon Tumblers® are made in the U.S.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact PopFun Merchandising, LLC at (914) 400-9957.